Explanation of Tenant Notices

Below is a brief overview of the types of notices.

Demand For Possession Nonpayment of Rent, (7 day Notice)
  • Michigan Court Form DC 100a
A 7 day Notice is used when a tenant fails to pay the rent to the landlord. It gives the tenant the option of paying within 7 days or moving out. If your 7 day Notice does not include all of the information below, it may be defective and may cause the case to be dismissed. Listed below are the essential elements of a 7 day Notice:
  • The name of the tenant(s)
  • The complete address of the rental property in which tenant lives, including unit numbers and zip code
  • The name of the landlord
  • Total rent due
  • Manner in which tenant was served the notice must be checked
  • Date notice was mailed or delivered
  • Landlord signature in 2 places
Demand For Possession Damage/Health Hazard To Property (Health Hazard Notice)
  • Michigan Court Form DC 100b
A Health Hazard Notice is used when the tenant has willfully or negligently caused extensive and continuing damage to property or a serious and continuing health hazard to exist at property.
A Health Hazard Notice needs the same information as the 7 day Notice with the exception of the amount of rent due.
Instead of rent due it will need an explanation of the Damage or Health Hazard.
Notice To Quit To Recover Possession Of Property (Termination Notice)
  • Michigan Court Form DC100c
A Termination Notice is used when the landlord wants to recover possession of the property. A Termination Notice gives the tenant a move out date which is 32 days from the date notice is mailed. If tenant has not moved by the move out date landlord can proceed with the eviction process. A Termination Notice is used if:
  • Tenant is in violation of the Lease
Demand For Possession Termination Of Tenancy/Mobile Home Park(Termination Notice/Mobile Home Park)
  • Michigan Court Form DC 100d
Termination Notice/Mobile Home Park is used if the landlord wants to recover possession of the property. Section D on the form requires a reason for terminating which is selected from list on back of form. Click Here to view complete list of violations.
Generally the reasons are:
  • Failure by the tenant to comply with a lease or agreement of the park or with a rule or regulation of the mobile home park adopted under the lease or agreement, which rule or regulation is reasonably related to (i) The health, safety, or welfare of the park, its employees, or tenants, (ii) The quiet enjoyment of the other tenants of the mobile home park, (iii) Maintaining the physical condition or appearance of the mobile home park or mobile home site.
  • Failure of the tenant to pay rent or other charges under the lease or rental agreement on time on three or more occasions during any 12 month period, for which the owner or operator has served a written demand for possession for nonpayment of rent and the tenant has failed or refused to pay the rent or other charges within the time period stated in the written demand for possession.
Demand For Possession Termination Of Tenancy Due To Unlawful Drug Activities On Premises(Notice of Drug Activity)
  • Michigan Court Form DC100e
The Notice of Drug Activity is used when you have evidence of drug activity by the tenant. You will need a police report when you file your landlord tenant action.